[syslinux] pxelinux and kernel files over 8M

Busch Dick-MCG30121 Dick.Busch at motorola.com
Wed May 3 17:54:45 PDT 2006


I built a large kernel and file system combination file using the 2.6
kernel feature initramfs.
The resulting combination of a 2M kernel and a 45M file system was a
file around 47M.
When I tried to boot this kernel and file system combination using
I got the error message "Invalid or corrupt kernel image.".
I tracked this to the file runkernel.inc at the label "is_linux_kernel:"

where it checks to see if the kernel is over 8M and determines that it
is corrupt if it is.  Commenting out the first two lines after the label
which are the 8M check and jump to kernel_corrupt will allow me to use
pxelinux to boot my 47M kernel and file system combination file.

The comment just above this section of the code has me worried:

	; First check that our kernel is at least 1K and less than 8M
(if it is
	; more than 8M, we need to change the logic for loading it

Since the 47M kernel it is really a 2M kernel with a 45M file system
is there anything to worry about?

Is there any reason to keep this 8M kernel size check in future releases
of pxelinux?



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