[syslinux] Problems booting from cd

Gustavo Guillermo Pérez gustavo at compunauta.com
Thu May 11 13:21:15 PDT 2006

El Jueves, 11 de Mayo de 2006 15:15, Gustavo Guillermo Pérez escribió:
> El Miércoles, 10 de Mayo de 2006 02:35, Ian Leonard escribió:
> > I read, on this list, that someone had this problem if they had too many
> > files on the CD. Since one of the things I had done was to add files,
> > this could be a reason. However I did remove these files and rebuild the
> > cd's but it still didn't work. It could be that I had some bad media or
> > just made a mistake. Assuming this is the case, removing the -T would
> > not write the TRANS.TBL files, this reducing the number of files. It
> > doesn't explain the issue with the -J though.
> I have problems with some BIOSES that doesn't like boot files at random on
> the disk, they prfer the files is at TOP on the ISO Structure, it means if
> you do:
> find compilation -maxdepth 1 -type d
> you should see 1st your boot isolinux folder.
> My Workaround is to make a new folder and start to move the folders to a
> new one, but in order of precedence. 1st isolinux one.
> Then the new folder has at 1st place the boot folder and every BIOS is
> happy again. It happens more frecuently with DVDs than CDs, but I had to
> touch CD ISOS as well.
> :)
I forgot to mention files and folders should care then remove -type d, cause 
if 1GB file is burned at top, our boot files will reside over the size of a 
CD, and the DVD will not boot on buggy BIOSES again.

Gustavo Guillermo Pérez
Compunauta uLinux

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