[syslinux] PXE/NFS looks for CDROM when starting a recovery

rade 6bar at gmx.de
Tue May 23 08:37:27 PDT 2006

Hello all!

I try mondo/mindi for some days now but it does not
work and I don't know the reason.

It is an intel Suse-8.0 Client and I use the Suse-8.0
packages from ftp.mondorescue.org.

dhcp and tftp work fine. mondoarchive works, but I
don't find any initrd.img for pxe/nfs. All initrd
I have found ask for a CDROM and as they cannot
find any they ask for a floppy when starting the
pxe recovery.

Isn't it possible to recover by using pxe/nfs only ?

Some information and my configuration:

# I tried both, with and without "-H"
client# mount /mnt/NFS
client# mondoarchive -On -s 650m [-H] -E /mnt/NFS

server# mount -o loop /exp/NFS/1.iso /mnt/mondo
server# cp -p /mnt/mondo/* /tftpboot/ 2>/dev/null   # cp files only
server# cat /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default
     default RESTORE
     prompt 1
     timeout 30
     display message.txt

     label RESTORE
     kernel vmlinuz
     append initrd=initrd.img pxe load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 \
       ramdisk_size=68640 rw root=/dev/ram nuke acpi=off apm=off devfs=nomount
# append is one line in the file, I broke it just for easier reading

When rebooting the client, I can see:
1. making a dhcp request
2. getting IP, GW, filename "pxelinux.0", tftp-IP ...
3. making tftp request
4. getting initrd.img
... doing something
5. looking for a CDROM
6. complains that there is no CDROM and falling back to floppy

I don't understand this last step. Why it is looking for CDROM when I
do a pxe/nfs recovery ?

Ralf Baerwaldt

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