[syslinux] Problems booting on Intel i9x5 motherboards.

Nazo nazosan at gmail.com
Tue May 23 09:28:20 PDT 2006

Sorry, I meant to try out more than one version.  The idea is to see
if you can't find one where the issue does not appear to exist.  If
you find one that works 100%, then it makes it possible to figure out
what has changed between it and the next one which broke the correct
functionality.  Don't forget to try old ones too though.  Normally you
might thing newer = better, but, every now and then you can run into
the strange hardware which requires an old version.  When I first
tried to figure out that 1999 machine's inability to boot, I had to go
back quite a bit to find one that worked.

Well, if you're worried about GIT possibly having issues, try
http://syslinux.zytor.com/  That's the official homepage.  Mind you,
you still end up on kernel.org, but, it's the official repository for
Syslinux rather than a more unofficial one and you get the files from
a different location (where they are officially uploaded to.)  Look in
the testing folder for the betas.  Plus you can see the latest news..
 Er.  Ok, not much news to see.  d-:

On 5/23/06, Pat Suwalski <pat at suwalski.net> wrote:
> Nazo wrote:
> > In particular, I'm thinking that since menu.c32 seems to be the
> > culprit here, it might be useful to ensure that whatever the issue is,
> > it wasn't fixed later.  There haven't been very many changes to
> > menu.c32 that I know of, but, I think it has been through at least one
> > minor change since 3.11 (I think there was a new option added or
> > something wasn't there?)
> As I mentioned, I checked out the whole com32 directory from git, which
> has the latest com32 and menu code. Since the isolinux code itself
> works, I have to assume the error is somewhere in that directory...
> --Pat

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