[syslinux] Stuck at "Trying to Load: pxelinux.cfg/default"

Matt Barbieri MBarbieri at stayinfront.com
Wed Nov 15 13:54:07 PST 2006

I posted the exact same problem 2 days ago.  There are 2 things you can
try.  The first may or may not work, the second will definitely work.

1. Try using vesamenu.c32 instead of menu.c32.  Read the documentation
for the options for vesamenu.

2.  OR You can work around this by creating your own text menu instead
of using the pre-built menus.  To do this, edit your 'default' file and
remove the line:
DEFAULT menu.c32

Replace it with 

DISPLAY boot.msg

Now create a text file on your tftp root called boot.msg.  Add your
choices here.  Now when you boot to PXE, your text will display and you
will need to type the number of the choice that you want to boot next to
the boot: prompt. (the number corresponds to the "label" number in your
default file.) hope this helps

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I'm extremely new to Linux and am working on creating a PXE server/menu
with PXELINUX and Microsoft DHCP/TFTP.  I've gotten it to work great
with the exception of one box: the IBM SurePOS 532.  If I specify a boot
image in my DEFAULT file, it works fine.  However when I try to use
MENU.C32, it gets stuck at "Trying to Load: pxelinux.cfg/default."

Based on TFTP logs, it looks like MENU.C32 is hanging when it tries to
read it's settings from DEFAULT.  I'm pretty sure the initial read of
DEFAULT is successful, because it knows to look at MENU.C32.  Here are
some additional details regarding the NIC:

NSC dp83815 10/100 Mac Phyter 3v adapter
Device ID: 0020
Vendor ID: 100B.

I've tried version 3.31 as well as 3.40pre2.

Thanks in advance for your help - if you have any questions please let
me know.  Thanks, 

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