[syslinux] pxelinux properly configured cannot find "default" configuration file

Anton Benkevich gamesmaster at mail.ru
Fri Oct 13 06:50:28 PDT 2006

Hello! I have some weird problem.

I have pxelinux(3.10) configured fine. Os: FreeBsd 6.1, tftp-hpa 0.41, some version of
dhcpd from ports.
It worked before on
another machine which's hd passed away and i lost my working example.

Configured new computer as boot server...
What happends is dhcp gives all the parameters to client(this server
also works for giving addresses to workstations)  - > seems like
pxelinux begins looking for possible config file(something like


Delay between each line is about 2-3 minutes. It takes considerable
time..... and nothing found.... then finally it gets to

Tried to enter some possible kernel names - "kernel xxxxxx not

That kind of thing happends on 80% of machines I tried. The rest 20%
finds "default" config file fine, boots and everything... No problems.

Tried to change recommended tftpd options like blksize(????:) - same
thing. Also tried to play with dhcpd....  No luck...

What could be the problem?

Anton Benkevich

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