[syslinux] ethereal log of PXE bootup

Ed Sutter esutter at lucent.com
Fri Oct 20 05:34:26 PDT 2006

This maybe outside the context of this list, but I'll shoot it out

I've looked at a few ethereal dumps of PXE transactions and I noticed
that the client adds the "tsize" option to the TFTP read request (as expected),
and the server responds (also as expected), but in more than one case I notice
that the client then returns  a TFTP_ERROR, apparently indicating that it doesn't
understand the TFTP_OACK response that the server sent in response to the 'tsize'

Everything seems to work, but the client sends this error.  Seems kinda strange
that the client wouldn't understand the TFTP_OACK, since it was the device that
generated the 'tsize' request in the first place.

Any ideas?

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