[syslinux] git problem

Andrew Goodbody agoodbody at itronix.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 02:47:14 PDT 2007

Cristi wrote:
> On 4/18/07, Andrew Goodbody <agoodbody at itronix.co.uk> wrote:
> [...]
>> >
>> > You cannot fetch directly from the gitweb (HTML) interface, try :
>> >
>> > git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/boot/syslinux/syslinux.git
>> >
>> > This works fine on my cygwin installation using git
>> Well somebody should fix http://syslinux.zytor.com/devel.php in that
>> case as that is where I got the directions from.
>> The command line you gave also fails for me with:
>> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
>> It looks like it must be a network/firewall issue here at work. Does
>> anyone know the default ports used by git so I can check if they are
>> blocked or not?
> Well, I think the page is right, I just tried a 'git clone
> http://www.kernel.org/pub/scm/boot/syslinux/syslinux.git' and it
> worked.
> Git port is 9481/tcp; maybe you have a proxy or the git/cogito
> version is not recent enough ?
  On Cygwin I am using the latest binary install packages, git is so they should be OK. No proxy that I am aware of.

I found a typo in my git command line and now it gets further but still
does not complete. This does not look like a network issue to me but
then I don't know what it could be either.


$ git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/boot/syslinux/syslinux.git
Initialized empty Git repository in /cygdrive/h/src/syslinux/syslinux/.git/
remote: Generating pack...
remote: Done counting 8727 objects.
remote: Deltifying 8727 objects.
remote:  100% (8727/8727) done
Indexing 8727 objects.
remote: Total 8727 (delta 5801), reused 8143 (delta 5217)
  100% (8727/8727) done
Resolving 5801 deltas.
  100% (5801/5801) done
: not a valid SHA1f63cfeb84e9bb1243df03808c2fff
fatal: Not a valid object name HEAD

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