[syslinux] [PATCH 1/1]: Adding PCI vendor and product name based on pci.ids

Erwan Velu erwan at seanodes.com
Thu Aug 9 07:49:30 PDT 2007

  From : Erwan Velu <erwan.velu at free.fr>

This patch
- add two char in the s_pci_device structure to have the vendor/product 
names in the same structure as the ids.
- add a get_name_from_pci_ids() function in pci/scan.c
- Add a call to get_name_from_pci_ids() into the pcitest COM32 module

The vendor/product name retrieving is based on the pci.ids file.
This file is provided by the pciids or lshw projects.
You just have to put this file in the root directory of your 
isolinux/pxelinux (i.e the root directory of your tfptboot server if you 
use pxelinux).

Testing and feedback are welcome.

Signed-off-by:Erwan Velu <erwan.velu at free.fr>

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