[syslinux] SYSLINUX-3.52-pre5: XP BOOTSEC.BIN Bug

Duke McAllister mr-roboto at linuxmail.org
Sat Aug 11 21:55:05 PDT 2007

I just encountered my only bug w/ the ISOLINUX+VESAMENU combination 
from 3.52-pre5.  Updated a *working* CD project w/ the new 
ISOLINUX+VESAMENU combo just last week.  Booting my preferred Linux 
distro (Slax-6) from my custom CDs work perfectly, however when I 
updated a CD project that includes BartPE/WinPE, BartPE fails to 
boot w/ 'CDBoot can not boot CD: error 4" msg.  For the record, the 
stanza that fails:

LABEL bartpe
Boot the ultimate power tool for repairing Windows 2K/XP/2K3/Vista....

I realized almost immediately what was wrong and rolled back to the 
modules from 3.50 and the boot error went away.  In anticipation of 
pos follow-up questions:  did not forget the -boot-info-table 
option;  problem isn't media-related as I was testing under VMWare; 
generating ISOs w/ UltraISO (reliably for *many* months now.)

This isn't an urgent issue for me, as I updated just for the 
helluvit.  Just trying to be a good citizen, as you asked others to 
check out MENU HSHIFT/MARGIN/etc.  Wouldn't have hurt to include a 
couple lines about the behavior of these cmds, just to cut down on 
some of the trial-and-error cycles, specifically the ones that position 
in relative terms (like HSHIFT+VSHIFT.)  Can kinda see the utility of 
HSHIFT, but VSHIFT seems that it could really make a mess of things.
Thanx.  Later....

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