[syslinux] Booting Physical CD with PXELINUX

Jacob Alifrangis jalifrangis at authenticlick.net
Mon Aug 13 10:10:27 PDT 2007

Is there a way to start or trigger the el-torito process from PXELinux?


On my network, veeeeery occasionally I have the need to start the
contents of a boot cd or usb stick from pxelinux, is there a device node
(like grub has) that I can call to create a label like 


                LABEL StartCD

                                Menu LABEL Boot from the CD Drive

                                KERNEL (CD)(0)/BOOT/ISOLINUX


                LABEL STARTUSB

                                Menu LABEL Boot from USB

                                KERNEL (USB)(FLOPPY/HD/CD)




                                CHAIN (CD)(0)


Or Something like that; thanks.


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