[syslinux] reboot from com32

Miguel mth at mth.com
Tue Aug 14 11:02:19 PDT 2007

hpa ... Thank you for your prompt response!

>> On an HP DL360G2 it returns from syslinux_reboot, independent of whether
>> it is warm or cold.
> That's utterly weird.  Hanging I could have seen, but returning is just
> weirder than weird.

It returns and successfully does printfs.
I can then execute other pxelinux commands ... like boot kernels.
So, it seems that the system isn't too damaged.

>> On a Dell PE850 it hangs (but will respond to Ctl-Alt-Del), independent
>> of
>> whether it is warm or cold.

Once it failed on two different types of machines I stopped looking.

>> Q: Does __farcall switch out of 32 bit mode and back into 16 bit mode?
> Yes, it does.
> The most likely explanation IMO is that there is a bug in __farcall.
> Unlike __intcall it hasn't been extensively used.  They do, however,
> share almost all the code.

I'll try to take a look at __farcall.


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