[syslinux] pxelinux / memdisk / afud408 freeze.

Andrew Stuart andrew at shopcusa.com
Thu Aug 23 22:10:34 PDT 2007

Has anyone had a problem with afud408 (Award flash program) freezing the 
system when ran from memdisk?
The freeze occurs when just running afud408 (not attempting to update 
bios, although it freezes then as well.)

I was using pxelinux/memdisk 3.36, I upgrade to 3.51, and also fell back 
to 2.11 all have the same issue.

I have tried all the switches for memdisk that I saw posted on the 
memdisk webpage (non wiki). raw/bigraw caused the image to freeze before 
even booting. (frozen cursor before loading the boot sector?). The disk 
image is a Windows 95 boot image that I used winimage to expand to 
2.88MB. I use this image for all my bios upgrade needs.

This seems to occur on a large amount of MSI's latest offerings (w/ 
award bios) (Specifically: 945gm2, 945gm3 and g965m). I used this same 
image on a Dell laptop for giggles, and it worked fine (it spit out the 
usage menu).

At this point I am sure it's a bios/pxe issue, but does anyone have any 
suggestions before I try taking the issue up with MSI? Any idea how I 
can troubleshoot this further, so that I can give them specifics as to 
why it locked up?

If it isn't clear, this on 10+ different systems, different hardware, 
different configurations, all hardware has been tested to be good.

Thanks in advance,


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