[syslinux] pxelinux / memdisk / afud408 freeze.

Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com
Sun Aug 26 23:37:36 PDT 2007

Just some short remarks from my experience with biosupdates,

  *  If you use memdisk in combination with pxelinux don't use ME it will
fail (in my expirence).
  *  I prefer to use DOS/bootdisks from Win 98SE
  *  Some Bios-Update Programms will not work with pxelinux, but will work
from other media like floppy or cd
     ( I had the same freeze as in your description on HP BIOS-Updates with
pxelinux but not from CD)
  *  Some Bios-Update Programms will not work if you use Memory mamager
  *   If you have to use the himem memory manager and pxelinux please use
the /testmem:off switch.

Yours sincerely

Peter Leenders

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Andrew Stuart schreef:
>>> Has anyone had a problem with afud408 (Award flash program) freezing
>>> system when ran from memdisk?
>>> The freeze occurs when just running afud408 (not attempting to update
>>> bios, although it freezes then as well.)
Ever tried Uniflash program instead of the vendor/motherboard dependent
flash program?
Maybe it's also DOS flavour specific, you might want to try for example
MSDOS 6.22 or DRdos or FreeDOS,
rather than depending on a Win95/98/ME/XP bootdisk.

I assume you have an empty config.sys on it and very maybe an
autoexec.bat with "@echo off" and "afud408 /options" ?


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