[syslinux] Redirect on both VGA and serial?

Dyks, Axel (XL) xl at xlsigned.net
Mon Aug 27 09:51:54 PDT 2007

Oliver Klein wrote:
> Dear List
> maybe a simple question.
> We have a pxelinx server in our network which only sent the output on a serial console.
> Now we want both output on VGA and serial console. I think pxelinux redirect the output default on VGA.
> So I think the only changes I have made is to add "tty0" into the "label" section in the "default" file.
> Is this correct?

Are you really refering to the (pxelinux) server which could be anything you are able to install a DHCP and a TFTP
server on, or are you actually refering to the "config" files (pxelinux.cfg/...) stored on the server which
control the clients' behavior.

In the later case it would be helpful, if you would send (the significant part) of your
config file(s) and furthermore tell the list which version of pxelinux you are using.
Still assuming we are in the "later case" I guess that there is a "SERAIL port ..."
statement at the very beginning of your config files which
  "Enables a serial port to act as the console"
and possibly a "CONSOLE ..." statement.


for details.


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