[syslinux] chain.c32 question

Tomas M tomas at slax.org
Wed Aug 29 03:55:07 PDT 2007

> In the 3.52-preX series you can tell it to chainload by MBR signature 
> (bytes 440-443 in the MBR.)  However, you might have problems booting 
> your other operating system from the second hard disk.

I think this is not what I need, because I can never know what is the 
MBR signature of the C: drive on the user's computer. Or do all the 
windowses use the same serial?

But here is another idea: I can perhaps know the MBR signature of my 
syslinux-booting USB Flash Key! :) So if I could tell chain.c32 to try 
all disks and load the first one which _doesn't_ have a specific 
signature, it would help me more I guess.

Tomas M

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