[syslinux] without msdos filesystem

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Feb 2 13:44:57 PST 2007

Tomas M wrote:
>> I just pushed this out as 3.36-pre2.  If you could please test it out 
>> (as I haven't done anything but the most cursory testing) I would 
>> greatly appreciate it.
> Doesn't work for me.
> I tried this:
> $ cd /mnt/sdb4
> $ syslinux -d ./boot/syslinux /dev/sdb4
> It prints out '/dev/sdb4: No such file or directory'
> I tried strace, and there is probably something wrong.

Okay, double user error (and lack of error checking on my part):

- You're trying to run syslinux on a mounted filesystem.
   The syslinux installer runs on an unmounted filesystem.
- -d expects the pathname to begin with slash, i.e. /boot/syslinux.

> BTW ... I have to recompile (make) syslinux each time in order to 
> rebuild all binaries, else I get 'Floating point exception' after 
> starting ./unix/syslinux. My syslinux doesn't use direct mount.

You're getting a division by zero somehow.  Since it goes away on 
rebuild it'd be hard to debug, but I might be able to send you a binary 
to run under gdb.


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