[syslinux] Add option to TFTP client to ignore ':' in file name (re-submit)

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Jan 13 10:31:38 PST 2007

Craig Johnston wrote:
> Re-submitted for 0.44.
> b.t.w.  I notice that the new 0.44 'R' option is not documented in the
> tftp man page.
> -----------------------------------------
> I have encountered a situation where I would like to use tftp-hpa to
> retrieve a file that resides within an absolute path containing a ':'
> character.  Ala, "tftp foobar -c get C:2/tftpdir/myfile".  Since the
> tftp client automatically converts the host:file syntax, I get an
> error "tftp: C: Unknown host".
> I made a chage to the tftp client code to add a literal mode (-l),
> that prevents the special treatment of the ':' character.  I've
> attached a patch set for main.c and tftp.1.in for your consideration.
> I'm not sure how many folks run into this, but it may be somewhat
> common for VxWorks and perhaps MSDOS users.

I thought I commented on this already.

This patch does not apply; it's either corrupted in transit or stale (or 
both.)  Furthermore, it's not a unified diff (diff -u) which means a lot 
of the automated tools won't take it.

Please resend as a unified diff against 0.46, as I do want to include 
this feature.


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