[syslinux] vesamenu samples?

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at kuentos.guam.net
Wed Jan 24 08:25:09 PST 2007


   I've  been  using  the  standard  isolinux.cfg file for some time with
   great  success. Have it currently display a file at the beginning with
   a  little  .lss  graphic file, and some basic info then with the image
   names  and  info.  Also have 4 of the help files linked to the F1 - F4

   But  I just had a number of emails back and forth with a user that was
   getting  kernel panics. It eventually turned out that the user was not
   typing the bzImagexx kernel name with the capital I.

   I  have found some samples of the vesamenu configuration, and was able
   to create png file that displays the graphic info at the bottom of the
   screen  versus  the  top,  but the text info isn't there, but could be
   added  to  the  png file with some effort. The help files and using F?
   keys  doesn't  do  anything.  I'm  thinking the cat.c32 would probable
   allow  one  to display the files in a simlar format, but have not been
   able  to  find  a sample of how that would be done in the isolinux.cfg

   The  G4L project that I currently handle has about 3,000 downloads per
   month  from  the  freshmeat  and  sourceforge  sites, and all kinds of
   users. I'd like to make it as easy as possible to avoid problems. This
   vesamenu does elimanate the problem with entering the kernel name, but
   at the moment, it looses the help info.

   I  also scanned the over 3000 emails I have in my syslinux folder, and
   relooked at all the messages that had vesamenu in them.

   The isolinux.cfg file that I've created so far it here.


   Working  on  the next release of the G4L, and have just placed two new
   versions  with  the  latest  2.6.20  rc5 -git 2 kernels in addition to
   older ones.

   ISO using standard isolinux.cfg


   ISO using the vesamenu isolinux.cfg


   Perhaps  there  are  examples of implementing the help like files with
   the vesamenu, but I wasn't able to find it.


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