[syslinux] vesamenu.c32 and cat.c32

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Sat Jan 27 08:09:26 PST 2007

Op 26-01-2007 om 01:59 schreef Michael D. Setzer II:
> I have done some additional testing, and gotten it a bit close to what I was 
> looking for. I had to modify the cat.c to eliminate the printing of the 
> arguments and file name, and added a Press Enter to return menu line.

By heart ( or is it "from (human) memory" ) was the original problem
to display some text from a menu.

So now there is a modified cat.c32, that should be named catwithreturn.c32
(or even "pager.c32", "more.c32" and alike for further enhancement)
(maybye would "display.c32" also fit)

> With the below isolinux.cfg the options do display the files, and pressing 
> enter than returns to the vesamenu.
> DEFAULT vesamenu.c32
> Prompt 0
> Menu TITLE G4L boot Menu
#  <bigsnip/>
> LABEL Images
>     MENU LABEL ^S: Images Help File
>     KERNEL cat.c32 imagesv
> LABEL PreImage
>     MENU LABEL ^T: Pre-Image Help File
>     KERNEL cat.c32 preimage
> LABEL Startup
>     MENU LABEL ^U: Start Up Help File
>     KERNEL cat.c32 startup
> LABEL Startup
>     MENU LABEL ^V: Disclaimer File
>     KERNEL cat.c32 disclaim
> ONTIMEOUT bzImageb
> Don't know if there is a better way of doing this, or if what kinds of systems 
> might have problems with vesamenu.c32.

I recomment a different approach, just say:

  It works fine for me, you are all welcome to testdrive it.
  You find the modifications ........[1]

> I like the simple test.png for putting a simple logo at the bottom,
> but if it would cause it not to work on systems, I'd be willing to
> use the menu.c32 or even go back to the regular system.

Frankly, I don't understand what it is about[2]
My gut feeling says: Go ahead, build what you need, it is free[3] software.

Hope this Help
Geert Stappers

[1] choose: attached as unified diff/at URL/other
[2] and don't think that ignoring is a good thing
[3] free as in freedom of speech

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