[syslinux] Help Memdisk + Pxelinux hangs

Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com
Fri Jul 20 00:52:54 PDT 2007

Hello Ian,

sorry that I was a bit inaccurate.

If one uses WinImage to create floppy bootimage you have the option to save
the image as compressed or uncompressed image. Memdisk can handle this
(special?) format of WinImage compressed *. imz files for floppy images
smaller/equal than 2,8MB. My experience was that memdisk can not handle the
*.imz format for greater superfloppy images (no patitiontable).

I guess for harddisk-type images - with partion table - a later compression
with gzip will work. I did only a few test with usbstick images and this
was quite some time ago.

I don't know if it is possible to compress a superfloppy image later with
gzip - would be nice to hear if some has used this and it works.

Yours sincerely
Peter Leenders

Ian McDonald wrote:
>>  * Images greater 2,8MB must be uncompressed (ima) images, the smaller
>> can use compressed (imz) format.
>They what? I gzip all my images.

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