[syslinux] Help Memdisk + Pxelinux hangs

Eileen.Mcnaughton at alcatel-lucent.co.nz Eileen.Mcnaughton at alcatel-lucent.co.nz
Wed Jul 25 02:16:56 PDT 2007


I don't work everyday (motherhood) but I'll try to test that other version 
on Friday

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Re: [syslinux] Help Memdisk + Pxelinux hangs

Ian McDonald wrote:
> It's 2.08.
> What newer versions do you want me to test with?

3.52-pre4 first of all.

If that doesn't work, it might be necessary to bisect -- meaning doing a
binary search on the intervening versions.  2.08->3.51 is a
mind-bogglingly large step.


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