[syslinux] ISOLINUX boot problem: request for help

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Jul 29 21:04:12 PDT 2007

Peter Bartke wrote:
> If vga=ask is given I can interactively decide on the video mode. After
> giving the video mode, eg mode number 1 an pressing RET, cursor goes to 
> the next line. From this point in time there is no input possible and no 
> sign of running stage 2 is to be seen.

Interesting.  This implies that the failure is very early in stage 2, or 
during the transition from stage 1 (setup) to stage 2 (decompression.) 
This is also the point at which transition happens from 16-bit real mode 
to 32-bit protected mode.

This could imply either that something is going on clobbering high 
memory, or the protected mode transition failed.  Either is a Very Bad 

Are you using the syslinux menu system at all?  If so, does it work on 
this machine?


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