[syslinux] PXELINUX - TFTP Problems - Option Negotiation Failures

Jonathan Hurd texasjhurd at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 2 13:05:10 PDT 2007

I apologize if this is the wrong place to be asking this, but I'm pretty much out of options on where to go. I'm using the pxelinux version of tftp. Everything has worked well up to this point, however I've been trying to impliment a pxe bartpe solution in our office. Unfortunatly tftp is not passing the files correctly to the client.

Here's the rundown.
Server client connects to server host, get pxe/dhcp/tftp. Get standard m32 menu and client selects windows pe options. The next step is where the client will call NTLDR from the tftp server, this works fine and the client begins to load NTLDR. However NTLDR calls a file called ntdetect.com from the server. The server ACK's the call and then ends up failing. 

Here's the error thought packet captures:
Read Request, File: ntdetect.com, Transfer type: octet, blksize=1432, tsize=0
Option Acknowledgement, tsize=47564
Eoor Code, Code: Option negotiation failed, Message: Bad TFTP options

After this the whole process fails and halts. Basicaly is there something I'm missing. Am I using the wrong version or is there a configuration change I can do.

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