[syslinux] Booting of bcdw from isolinux does not work anymore with 3.52 but works with 3.51

Zipf Christian zipf.mailcom at boewe-systec.de
Thu Nov 8 23:48:01 PST 2007

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Betreff: Re: [syslinux] Booting of bcdw from isolinux does not work anymore with 3.52 but works with 3.51

Zipf Christian wrote:
> Hi 
> I am having problems loading bcdw (http://bootcd.narod.ru) from the
> isolinux bootloader.
> I use this to load the acronis programs.
> It worked fine up till version 3.51 but does not work anymore with 3.52.
> Here is the code to load the second bootmanager
> label l
>     kernel /bcdw/bcdwboot.bin
> Any insights to what might be wrong here?
> With 3.52 I get
> Error! Cannot load file (code: 0110h):
> \bcdw\bcdw.bin

Looks like syslinux booted it just fine and it's having a problem once 

I see your point since it is complaining about the second file it wants to load afterwards. 
Syslinux loaded the bcdwboot.bin fine but maybe in a different way than before?
Did something change in the memory layout or somewhere else. The script to create the image never changed in years and if I go back to any version before 3.52 it works again.

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