[syslinux] Recent Isolinux fails to boot Via C3 Samuel 2

Owen G. owen_pg at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 00:25:44 PST 2007

Hi Peter,

I've trawled through some of the archives about the
BIOS of my PC but I don't think this is the answer.

I have a VIA C3 S2 motherboard (it's a VIA CL).  The
BIOS is version 1.23 which is the latest for for this

kubuntu 7.04 boots OK, as have all previous versions
of kubuntu.

kubuntu 7.10 doesn't boot, neither does suse 10.3 or
Fedora 8.  All of of them get hung up at . . . well
see this kubuntu log for details:

"Back on my Via CL Eden 600MHz PC (the test install)
it loads as far as:

ISOLINUX 3.36 Debian . . . Peter Anvin
Loading . . . _

And that's it."

I think the version used by Fedora is 3.31, Suse I'm
not sure of.

I know the Via C3 is an i686 but there's supposedly
some "optional" functionality not implemented.

My question is: Shall I upgrade my hardware since
Isolinux no longer boots on this PC or is there a
possibility of you getting Isolinux to have less
optimisations that my hardware can't cope with?

Thanks for all the good work,


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