[syslinux] (no subject)

Lindgren Daniel daniel.lindgren at tullverket.se
Thu Nov 29 21:58:16 PST 2007

> I have set up a pxelinux tftp boot server. It works great and 
> is rock solid. I boot all management tools and OS installs 
> from it. I have run in to a problem with Microsoft though... 
> As corporations are slowly starting to adopt Vista, there are 
> more limited ways available to deploy the OS. It is now 
> necessary to install it from PE. I have found no way to 
> successfully boot PE over PXE using pxelinux. Is there anyone 
> out there that has got that to work? 

Yes. If you are using Windows AIK, open the Users' Guide and search for
"Walkthrough: Deploy an Image by using PXE" (you'll have to adapt it to

Or check this thread out: http://www.itproffs.se/forumv2/tm.aspx?m=82540
(it's in swedish, but all commands are there).


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