[syslinux] Booting ISO images over PXE

Tobias Abt syslinux at tabt.de
Tue Oct 2 02:18:30 PDT 2007


I looked through the documentation and the mailing list archives but
could not yet find out whether this could be made to work.

The task I want to use that feature for is being able to collect
firmware updates for servers and their components and boot those
updates from a notebook with DHCP/TFTP-Server. That would greatly
reduce setup time for new server installations.

The problem is that today quite a few such firmware updates do not
fit on 1,44MB disk images and are distributed as (small) ISO images.
Due to the number of images and the rate they are being replaced
with new updates it would be very nice to use them as they are
without having to convert them to HD images or something like that.

Thank you!


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