[syslinux] Booting ISO images over PXE

Andrew Stuart andrew at shopcusa.com
Tue Oct 2 17:37:56 PDT 2007

Tobias Abt wrote:
> The problem is that today quite a few such firmware updates do not
> fit on 1,44MB disk images and are distributed as (small) ISO images.
> Due to the number of images and the rate they are being replaced
> with new updates it would be very nice to use them as they are
> without having to convert them to HD images or something like that.
> Thank you!
> Bye,
>   Tobias
Extract the boot sector from the ISO? Typically the image is a 2.88 
floppy image, which you can then load with memdisk. And to clarify, 
'Typically' is the iso images that use [Free/MS/PC/etc]-DOS. Typically 
is also from my experience with my vendors, so that may not work for you.

I believe you can use WinImage to do this, I think Nero can as well. 
isobuster is another popular choice. Of course these are all Windows 


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