[syslinux] Booting ISO's

mark pryor tlviewer at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 3 18:24:46 PDT 2007


Karch <dimeneira at gmail.com> wrote: Is there a method by which one could boot an ISO image from a flash drive
with syslinux?
Dimeneira aka Dime

while its a special case, the Knoppix ISO (5.1+) supports this with a cheat code called  "bootfrom"

---------------------- begin grub.conf --------------------------------
title Knoppix 5.10
        kernel (hd0,4)/boot/knoppix.402/linux ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off vga=791 nomce quiet bootfrom=/dev/hda10/boot/knoppix.402/*.iso noprompt dma screen=1680x1050 myconfig$
        initrd (hd0,4)/boot/knoppix.402/minirt_51.gz
---------------------------- end snip --------------------------------------------


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