[syslinux] embedded fs access?, was Re: Booting ISOs

Peter peter at bitrunner.com
Fri Oct 5 13:49:25 PDT 2007

Douglas McClendon wrote:
> I believe this could be implemented in a fairly elegant way in syslinux, 
> and would actually be useful in a multitude of situations.
> If I were to start to invest the time, I'd start looking at the isodump 
> utilitity which now appears to be able to dump the bits from a 
> particular file from an iso image specified by path. 
I stumbled across this some days ago,

He writes about booting from iso9660 using a "loopback" module in grub2,
and the dist he is using is based on debian.  A hot on the plate
packaged debian unstable, its called sidux. Docs about the fromiso

Maybe it is possible to build something similar with a c32 program ?




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