[syslinux] DOS/Freedos: Can't use mkfloppyimg.sh or mkdiskimage for +8M images

Gaetan Lord email at gaetanlord.ca
Fri Oct 5 15:17:48 PDT 2007


Maybe HPA or Murali could help me with this one, or anyone who got the
following working. I spend numerous hours reading the list and
googling without success.

I'd like to create a bootable USB stick and  CDROM that will do the following.

I will have a menu, from which I could pick a specific dos image (not
partition). The dos images could have up to 20Megs in size.  The goal
is to have a  configuration that will contains tools for different
type of hardware. To ease the process, I want to automate image
creation (floppy or harddisk), and use it with memdisk.

I use the mkfloppyimg.sh script and it is working fine up until 8M in
size, if I go higher than this, it doesn't work, and I can't boot the
image. I did try to do the same with mkdiskimage without success, I
probably miss something in the way to create the image. My question is
simple, is there any recipe to create a +8M dos/freedos image I could
use with syslinux.

Many thanks.

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