[syslinux] Cant get the directive CONFIG to work

Peter peter at bitrunner.com
Sat Oct 6 22:26:58 PDT 2007

Hi All

Im done some testing with the directive CONFIG

Using  pxelinux 3.52
I have in my default file this label:

LABEL test_config
    CONFIG foobar

and in the same dir that default resides (pxelinux.cfg) I have a file
foobar with some other labels within.

When using menu.c32  and choosing test_config it happens noting it just
restarts the same menu (default) and when using tab to edit the label
it shows

.config  foobar

Notice its adding a dot in front of config, I have seen this before
using the localboot directive
But the localboot directive works so I assume its not an error.

If I jump out of the menu and instead write the label (test_config) it says:

Could not find the kernel image: foobar

Doing further testing in qemu with isolinux  (now 3.51)  gives the exact
same results. Here Im using a filepath with som directories

CONFIG /clonezilla-live-1.05-7/isolinux/isolinux.cfg

Maybe I have misunderstood how to use the CONFIG directive ?

And is it possible today to have a filepath as the one above with
isolinux also ?




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41327 Göteborg

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