[syslinux] OT: Help to do something basic

Jacob Alifrangis jalifrangis at authenticlick.net
Mon Oct 8 14:31:35 PDT 2007

I need help in assembling a pretty basic collection of things.


I'm trying to put together a basic filesystem and kernel for network
booting, here's what I basically need


Kernel   2.6.22


Networking (dhcp, nfs client)





Vim and nano ( emacs is preferred )

And svgalib


And .... A custom dir layout.


All of this needs to be reproducible by me, the instructions are enough
if it works and I can compile on a fedora core 6 box.



I'd like to, in the future add the following:


Static startup screen (for a logo)






Can someone help with this one, It would really help get this project


I can tolerate an image size up to 75/100 mb (smaller the better)



The first person to deliver the following will get an amazon.com gift
card for $50:

*         Working Configuration that boots to a commandline (bash or
busybox) without having to login

*         Zipped up dev tree

*         Complete Instructions (simple instructions in a txt file are

*         Working binary root image


(not just a link to a site, and not using nalfs or something)


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