[syslinux] How get DHCP-/BOOTP-Options with MEMDISK

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Oct 12 12:54:23 PDT 2007

Kai Straube wrote:
> @stephane maillan
> It seams that is a limit in the append line. (Perhaps 512 Byte?)
> By this way I must create a "copy" of the Parameters from bootptab to 
> the append-line.
> @H. Peter Anvin
> This is the way I need. I used already "keeppxe" to use the universal 
> network driver.
> But I don't know what "pxe calls" are, to get the bootp- or 
> dhcp-parameters. Is there any DOS-Command to get them?

Not to my knowledge.  You would have to write a program to use the INT 
1Ah call, unwind the PXE structure, and then call the PXE stack.


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