[syslinux] A couple vesamenu.c32 questions

Ottey, Daniel William Daniel.Ottey at unisys.com
Thu Oct 18 10:52:28 PDT 2007

I've recently started the effort of porting my "simple.c" menu system to
use vesamenu.c32 instead.  I really like the graphical interface, and
the READMEs have been very helpful.

What I am curious about is whether or not there is an option for adding
entry separators similar to the add_sep(); option which is available in
the "simple.c" menu system?  Right now I have set up blank entries to
visually separate items, but a non-selectable line would be very much

I'm also interested in knowing if there is any way to make the ESC key
trigger loading a particular menu entry (as opposed to dropping to the
prompt.  I'm using multiple submenu, and I would like to have the ESC
key always return the user to the "main menu."

Thanks for any help.

Daniel W. Ottey
Unisys Corporation
Linux Systems Group

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