[syslinux] Adding a "boot from local hard disk" option to syslinux menu, booted from USB

Dyks, Axel (XL) xl at xlsigned.net
Thu Oct 18 11:30:22 PDT 2007

bobby digital wrote:
> I use XP on my laptop PC, with 30 GB HD (single
> partition), and a 3.5" hard drive (not a stick),
> accessed through a USB encasing, partitioned as five
> logical drives. 
> I have successfully set up syslinux to boot several
> Ubuntu versions from the primary USB hard drive
> partition, and no problems there. The problem is, I
> would like to have an entry in the menu, like "Boot
> from first hard disk", in which case, I would boot XP
> from the laptop hard drive. 

The "first" drive -- as seen be your BIOS -- when booting from
a USB disk or stick, isn't your laptop's HD but the USB disk/stick.

... otherwise it would have booted from the laptop's HD.

- Axel

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