[syslinux] isolinux in qemu broken by 985c965eca140470d87912cebd923cd27a6d892c

Luciano Rocha strange at nsk.no-ip.org
Fri Oct 19 10:14:52 PDT 2007

On Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 10:03:09AM -0700, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>  Luciano Rocha wrote:
> > Hello,
> > The commit 985c965eca140470d87912cebd923cd27a6d892c breaks booting an
> > iso image under qemu. Isolinux gives the output:
> > ISOLINUX 3.53 0x4718b656
> > and locks.
>  Any way I could get a copy of said iso image?

It's quite big, but the attached image also dies. It's like the
original, but without the kernel and initrd.

>  Also, what version of NASM are you using?  Please make sure you're running 
>  0.98.39 or 0.99.04 or later.

0.98.39, but I'll try a newer version anyway.

$ rpm -q nasm
$ nasm -v
NASM version 0.98.39 compiled on Apr 13 2007

Also, qemu is version:
QEMU PC emulator version 0.9.0, Copyright (c) 2003-2007 Fabrice Bellard

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