[syslinux] Adding a "boot from local hard disk" option to syslinux menu, booted from USB

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Sat Oct 20 05:27:25 PDT 2007

Op 20-10-2007 om 04:30 schreef bobby digital:
> Hi Axel, hpa, 
> Thanks so much for your responses. 
> > The "first" drive -- as seen be your BIOS -- when booting from a
> > USB disk or stick, isn't your laptop's HD but the USB disk/stick.
> > ... otherwise it would have booted from the laptop's HD.
> That is what I also thought - since "chain.c32 hd0 0"
> seemed to boot from the USB disk, I asummed I'd find
> the C drive at "hd1 0" but it failed, and so did "hd2
> 0" etc etc. Therefore I modified the chain.c32 code,
> so it accepts max drive and partition number and loops
> through them all, hoping to reveal an MBR - but I
> couldn't see any (partly because the text dissapears
> from screen very fast, and I couldn't get a report to
> save on disk :) ) 
> > It sounds like when your BIOS boots from the USB disk, it hides the
> > primary hard disk.  This is pretty braindead behaviour, but I could
> > see how it would "make sense" to someone as they implemented it.
> Wow :) Never heard of this, but does make sense to me
> too (the laptop's a Compaq) - thanks .. 
> > The problem is, if it doesn't make the proper hard disk available as
> > another drive number, the only way out would be to invoke the BIOS
> > Boot Specification interfaces, to boot a different device. Right
> > now I don't have code for that.
> Thanks for the info.. Maybe you'd have a link where
> something like that is discussed? 
> Well, any suggestions on how to make this work would
> be greatly appreciated.. 

I do see the offer for help, also the request for more information.

As I understand the request, is it about information of a perticular
BIOS. As far as I known has this project no pointers to BIOS specs
(yet ;-)

> Thanks again
> b.

Geert Stappers

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