[syslinux] Multiboot DVD with original bootscreens kept intact

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Oct 25 13:31:11 PDT 2007

Gros Bedo wrote:
> ISOLINUX.CFG content:
> DISPLAY boot.msg
> DEFAULT main
> LABEL main
>   KERNEL menu.c32
> is capitalized because the filename is that way and Linux is case
> sensitive.

iso9660 isn't, though.

> In boot.msg you can place any message you want. APPEND
> /ISOLINUX.CFG is the same as APPEND ISOLINUX.CFG in my case, it even
> works better in fact (noticed less bugs when I have more complicated paths).
> Now if you try this configuration, you'll
> see that the first time it shows up the splash screen will show the
> message, but after the other splashscreens won't. So how to do that ? I
> need it in fact to keep the original messages from livecds bootscreens that can contain precious
> infos. If there is another way I'm okay, but I would like to know if at
> least it's possible. Maybe there is a way to combine Isolinux with GRUB ?
> One more thing I noticed: even if you set PROMPT 1 the prompt will be disabled after the first screen. I think it could be because of "  KERNEL menu.c32", but I don't know what to replace this with.
> I precise that I use the latest isolinux from syslinux v3.52.

This is a rather unusual request, but you can certainly do it by 
changing "kernel/append" to "config /isolinux.cfg".


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