[syslinux] PXE booting dos

John Arends jarends at uiuc.edu
Mon Oct 29 07:49:24 PDT 2007

Using memlinux I have been able to PXE boot an image I created from one 
of our DOS boot floppies. It works quite well.

I am unable to figure out how to build a larger disk image however. It 
appears you can use a 2880k floppy without having to pass special 
options. My attempts so far have failed.

Has anyone done this before? I would like to convert the working disk 
image I have (1.4 meg) to a larger disk so I can copy some additional 
files to it, and still boot from it.

Any pointers would be appreciated. I have been googling for about 2 days 
looking at dd, and have not gotten anything to work.

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