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Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com
Mon Oct 29 09:30:37 PDT 2007

Hello John,

are you using linux or windows to create your boot images.

If you use windows than winimage would be a good tool to use. Look in the
archives (http://syslinux.zytor.com/archives/) for examples.

In any case if you use "super" floppy images >2.8MB (no partitions in the
Image), you have to use the Floppy switch.
We use a geometry with 225 cylinders and 36 sectors  (simular to normal
2,88MB floppys) and the number of heads should be in the range of 4,8,16,

Entry in PXE menu should be something like this
Label BigFloppy
   MENU LABEL Big Floppy-Image
   kernel [path to memdisk]/memdisk
   append initrd=[path to floppy image]/bigflp.img floppy c=225 h=8 s=36

Yours sincerely

Peter Leenders

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Using memlinux I have been able to PXE boot an image I created from one
of our DOS boot floppies. It works quite well.

I am unable to figure out how to build a larger disk image however. It
appears you can use a 2880k floppy without having to pass special
options. My attempts so far have failed.

Has anyone done this before? I would like to convert the working disk
image I have (1.4 meg) to a larger disk so I can copy some additional
files to it, and still boot from it.

Any pointers would be appreciated. I have been googling for about 2 days
looking at dd, and have not gotten anything to work.

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