[syslinux] syslinux.com: sector read error

Devin Bayer Devin at freeshell.org
Mon Oct 29 09:42:18 PDT 2007

Hello.  I cannot install syslinux on my hard disk image.  Steps to  
reproduce the problem:

(1) Create a zeroed disk image with 800 tracks, 32 sides, and 63  
sectors or 825753600 bytes
(2) Fdisk and format it with "format.com /S C:" from windows 98SE  
boot disk.
(3) Copy syslinux (tested version 3.11, 3.20, and latest released) to  
(4) Run "lock C:" and press "Y" (why is this necessary?)
(5) Boot drive and run "syslinux c:"
(6) Get "sector read error"

I am using qemu 0.9.0.  This works with disks having different  

If it's easier you can download the disk ready to boot at http:// 

Devin Bayer

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