[syslinux] keeppxe+memdisk+FreeDOS example?

Wagner Ferenc wferi at niif.hu
Sun Sep 16 13:25:27 PDT 2007

"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com> writes:

> Wagner Ferenc wrote:
>> Wagner Ferenc <wferi at niif.hu> writes:
>>> Wagner Ferenc <wferi at niif.hu> writes:
>>>> Does anybody have a working setup I could look at?
>>> Ahem, I've just noticed the latest commits.  They definitely have
>>> something to say about this.  I'm checking it...
>> Well, Duane's example loads, but doesn't seem to exploit the keeppxe
>> option.  At least I can't see the point, the TCP* utility doesn't find
>> the packet driver.  Or is it just the broken Intel PXE implementation?
> If you're not using keeppxe, pxelinux will unload the PXE stack
> completely, so it definitely won't work.

Probably I didn't express myself clearly.  The keeppxe option is
present in Duane's example, but I can't see any trace of its usage.
The booted system doesn't seem to have a TCP stack.

By the way, if you boot DOS, the keeppxe option eats quite a lot of
conventional memory.  There's no way around it, I guess.  Or is there?

Concerning my struggles, the 3Com UNDI driver has better diagnostics
and documentation, so now I at least know that I miss PROTMAN.DOS.
The docs says: "When using NDIS Protocol Manager, SYSTEM.INI file is
required."  Still, I can see no way around the protocol manager,
whatever it is.  Everybody seems to use it, everybody seems to have
it, except FreeDOS, which I'd like to use.  How should I get it, it
it's really needed?  How could I avoid it, if not?
Thanks for any hints; my DOS days ended oh-so-long ago...

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