[syslinux] Load ELF 32bits LSB executable

Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com Peter.Leenders at computacenter.com
Wed Sep 19 01:13:10 PDT 2007

Hello Stéphane,

what kind of pxe firmware is used on the 3com 3c905c : original 3 com or
bootix. We expierenced a lot of trouble with FSC PC using bootix firmware.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Leenders

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The problem is with a P4 2GHz 512M with a 3c905c PXE v2.2
and the second is a P4 3GHz 2048M with an Intel 82573L gigabit eth PXE
v2.1 build 0.84


Le 18/9/2007, "H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com> a écrit:

>Stéphane ARQUER wrote:
>> I made the test with another target machine and it works fine. The
>> booting is quite long (15-20s) but it's good.
>> Perhaps there is a bug with the eth card used on my previous machine.
>> I'll try to find out the problem.
>> Thanks for your help.
>Is there any significant differences between the two machines,
>*especially* in the amount of memory?  It's entirely possible there is a
>bug in the library which underlies elf.c32, or in elf.c32 itself.
>            -hpa
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