[syslinux] more on firmware loading need

Andreas Kotes count-linux at flatline.de
Sun Sep 30 14:35:29 PDT 2007

Hello Ryan,

I fail to see why you would need a firmware for the vt6410 - at least
not for basic IDE functionality.

Please try "modprobe via82cxxx" in Debian (etch or lenny for that
matter) and see wether this changes anything (dmesg might be interesting
as well).

Seeing a device via lspci only means that it can be seen on the PCI bus,
and maybe that a device name is known for the vendor/device ID
combination - nothing more, especially not about driver support.

That said, if the above doesn't help, you probably would have a chance
with some c32 code to load a firmware into the card(s), but getting this
done in a (custom) initrd in linux might be far easier (i.e.



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