[syslinux] [Etherboot-developers] gPxe functionality in pxelinux

Marty Connor mdc at etherboot.org
Fri Dec 5 09:41:25 PST 2008

Michael Brown wrote:
>>From my point of view (abbreviated):
>   $ git fetch staging
>   $ git cherry -v HEAD staging/e1000
>   + 50497e6 [e1000] Use PCI_BASE_ADDRESS_* symbols instead of integers
>   $ git show 50497e6
>   [review]
>   $ git cherry-pick 50497e6
>   $ git commit --amend # if commit message needs editing
>   $ make
>   [test]
>   $ git push
> For single-commit differences, this is probably the workflow I will continue 
> to use.  It's definitely a lot easier having git branches to work with rather 
> than standalone patches.

Thanks for the example workflow. This looks like an effective method.

I like the use of "git cherry" to find unmerged commits on the staging 

> You can now delete the e1000 branch from staging; the change is merged to 
> master.



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