[syslinux] New "UI" directive broken?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Dec 14 13:53:32 PST 2008

Sebastian Herbszt wrote:
> The new directive doesn't seem to work here. Looks like DefaultLevel is never
> changed:
> core/parseconfig.inc:pc_default:        cmp ax,[DefaultLevel]
> core/parseconfig.inc:DefaultLevel       dw 0                    ; The current level of default
> core/ui.inc:            cmp word [DefaultLevel],1       ; Active UI statement?

Indeed.  I didn't mean to push it out on the main branch yet, actually;
and given that the kkpxe stuff seems broken, too, I'm probably going to
reset the main branch and clean this stuff up.

The UI work will continue on the "ui" branch for now.


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