[syslinux] Debugging gPXE -> PXELinux -> LTSP

Peter Russell P.S.Russell at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Feb 6 01:27:06 PST 2008


I'm investigating using LTSP for thin clients at my place of work, and
I've encountered a problem that I don't know how to approach.  I don't
know if the problem is with gPXE, PXELinux, or the LTSP kernel, but I
think PXELinux is probably the right level to investigate it.

My situation is as follows:

I've installed the LTSP system from Ubuntu Gutsy.  I've tested it with
an HP t5530 dedicated thin client, which has PXE network booting and
this works fine.  The LTSP image boots, and connects to the server with
ssh as expected.

I've then gone on to test with an old PC.  This machine doesn't have a
network boot ROM, and so I've downloaded gPXE from git, and built a boot
CD.  Now as far as I can determine, gPXE is working fine, it gets itself
a DHCP lease, and loads PXELinux from the tftp server.  It then goes on
to print:

Loading vmlinuz...... aborted.

I need to know what's causing the boot to fail.  I know that this
machine is capable of running Linux, as I've run an Ubuntu live CD on
it.  Is there any way that I can get more information out of PXELinux,
such as the size of the kernel that it's downloaded, or what has caused
it to abort?


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