[syslinux] CHAINing to a USB Thumb Drive

Mr Roboto mr-roboto at linuxmail.org
Tue Feb 26 12:06:27 PST 2008

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> Op 25-02-2008 om 05:17 schreef Mr Roboto:
> > I was doing a laptop repair job today and needed to boot from a USB
> > thumb drive, in order to free up the CD/DVD burner.  Fortunately, the
> > laptop to be repaired permitted one to boot from a USB thumb drive.
> > However, there are still PCs out there that can't boot from a thumb
> > drive (I have two), so I was wondering if it's pos to use the CHAIN
> > module to boot from a thumb drive ?  I looked at the source for the
> > module, but no joy there.
> Bootloaders like syslinux load kernels and start (boot) them.
> They need to be loaded and started them self,
> it is the software in ROM who does so.
> When the computer lacks USB thumb drive boot software,
> then are "second stage" bootloaders helpless
> > If CHAIN can't be used, does anyone on the list have a suggestion for
> > enhancing my SYSLINUX project w/ a tiny Linux distro, which could be
> > used as a simple USB thumb drive bootstrap ?  TIA....Jet
> Look for "first stage" bootloaders like coreboot and gPXE.
>   http://www.coreboot.org
>   http://www.etherboot.org

COREBOOT seems/looks promising !  Thanx for the heads-up.  Further 
reading will be needed to determine if a *generic* CD-based, 1st-stage 
boot (via COREBOOT) is pos, but this is at least new and purposeful info 
(to me.) 

Thanx again....Jet

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